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The New Class

Future Hogwarts
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Hey, you have stumbled apon HOGWARTS: THE NEW CLASS. Wanna join? OK, you need to email me, the moderater (my name is May, how do you do?) here: marigold_took@dhmail.net. In this email, you have to email me with a bio of your character like the ones below. Once accepted, you'll be sorted (yes...I'm going to have to sort you---we don't need 20693762 gryffindors running around like wackos while 2 ravenclaws cry in the corner) But if there's a specific house you want to be in, it should come across clearly in your character. Also, you can't be related to anyone in the Harry Potter books, this stuff is based on JK Rowling's work but we're using her setting combined with our imaginations! :) yay! So...no nieces for Snape, no sons for Cho etc...Be original! When writing your posts, please don't tell it like a narrative (example: "Ursula was sitting in the common room...") Write it as it happens (example: I'm sitting here in Ravenclaw common room and whoever is practicing that damned muggle guitar is REALLY angering me right now...") so that replies can be like this: "I'm sorry Ursula, but I want to be a rock star". It is also good if you get to know other members of the community so that two or three people, together, can come up with clever things like story lines for the rest of us to react with and whatnot. Ooooh if you want to be a professor, contact me (same email above) and tell me! You can assign some fun stuff and we'll have a blast. (homeworks can be in reply form and stuff---it'll be fun)At the end of every post please sign like this (-Ursula, 3rd year, Ravenclaw or Peter, 5th year, Slytherin) so that we can know who you are! If you want an icon that depicts your character (whether it be in celebrity form or a picture of yourself, go for it...or i can make you one!)PS: you don't have to have a seperate journal for your character---I post the bios right here! :)


Professor Vadim Fromeski
(young good looking, sharp witted, mean tounged professor)
head of Slytherin house, used to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts but after a recent experience, was transferred to the Divination Department.

Professor Suse Voler
(pretty but married proffessor)
head of Gryffindor house, Flying AND Muggle Studies teacher. Animagius that can turn into an owl. Impressivly talented witch. Husband works as an Auror for the Ministry of Magic.

i'm in hufflepuff!

Rheia Kelaino
(silvery eyed, tall and fun)
Rheia (1st year) is a friend 'till the end...IF she ever takes to you as a friend at all. She's very friendley but chooses her close friends wisely. She loves to act crazy and stay up late and eat ALL of the ice cream and every flavoured beans at sleepover parties. Her father is a muggle who owns a coffee shop so she has a natural liking for caffiene and love it (perhaps TOO much for her own good!) Her mother is an auror for the Ministry. She values her friends more than anything and makes them work hard to keep up her trust.

Peter Connelly
(bright blue eyes, red hair)
Growing up in a muggle town just outside of London, Peter always felt a little out of place. Worried about what his classmates would think of him, he never told them about his strange powers. He's a little shy, but has been known for his wit, and occasionally gets into trouble for his quick retorts with professors. When Pete received his letter he lied to his friends, telling them that he was going to boarding school. He has recently become quite fond of Quidditch, especially keeper. He is quite adept at transfiguration and wants to become an animagus, although he hasn't quite decided what he'd like to be.

Nathaniel Samosa
(tall, cheery, caring)
Nathaniel loves animals. He's got a bunny called Nutmeg who keeps him company when his friends aren't around which is rare because he has a lot of friends and loves to make them laugh. He loves to read---but not schoolbooks. He's a fifth year beater on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team.

i'm in slytherin!

Runa Arista Hartwig
(dark haired, pale girl)
Her father (wizard from a pureblood old family) fell in love with her mother (a muggle) despite the fact that he knew he would "ruin" the family line. Apon finding her husband was a wizard, Runa's mother fell "out of love" with Runa's father. Runa grew up loathing both muggles and wizards and is often torn. She trusts no one but herself. (she thinks that because those we trust and love are the ones who hurt us deepest) She often times befriends those whom she detests and her ambition is pushed by her love for power. Runa is in her fifth year at Hogwarts.

Meridian Connor
(average build, pale skinned, crystal eyed brunette)
A 16 year-old girl who chooses her alliances carefully and has loads of ambition to boot, Meridian is a street-smart witch from a long standing family of witches and wizards. She exceeds in all her subjects at school, is studious, and has a lot of fun with her friends. However, she is quick to anger, and once you have crossed her, can be very hard to return to her good books. An only child, she lives with her parents and her grandmother, the matriarch of the family, in Ireland.

Myra & Caitlin Crypitisal
(mischevious, close, identical dark haired twins)
These two are a handful, even for being first years. They often switch places and help each other with work. Their mother is an auror and their father was an unsuspecting muggle. Sometimes these two don't always care about the feelings of others, but they're fun anyway. You have to know them really well to tell them apart and very few know them very well. Caitlin is the louder, more eccentric and outgoing of the two and Myra tends to be more serious but fears she is boring when with her twin.

i'm in gryffindor!

Anastacia Crump
Anastacia is a muggle born witch whose father died a year before she recieved her letter to Hogwarts, he was killed in a car accident. She hates people who use the term mudblood and will surely show no respect to anyone who feels this way, she is Animagus (turns into a spider) and Demiguise (can become invisible). Reading and studying are her favorite things to do in her spare time and she also admires the players of quidditch and is a quidditch hopeful. She would also like to teach at Hogwarts one day. With her hair always up, mainly in a braid, she walks with pride.

Kiko Talure
(short, brown hair, and quick witted)
Kiko's from one of the purest wizarding families, but in the months preceeding the arrival of her acceptance letter, she'd never been more nervous about letting the bloodline down! An animagus from birth (a very rare unicorn) and a fast-learner, her family knew she was bound for Hogwarts. She's an only child, but also the last cousin to go off to wizarding school. Being the youngest has made her tough; she's not afraid to speak her mind about anything, even if it does come off as being pert. Some have called her arrogant, but the truth remains that she's probably right! Growing up in London, surrounded by the wizarding community, has made her a bit naive about Muggles in general - she's a bit apprehensive about meeting muggle-born wizards for the first time!

Mala Sashi
(skinny blonde and quick)
she's muggleborn and she's a lot of fun...she's the youngest of a big family and a sweetheart in all ways. she has learned a lot from her older siblings, some things for the better, some things for the worse and she never says no to a night out breaking rules. She's a first year but has a lot of wisdom. She hates snobs. Don't get on her bad side or she'll kick you in your backside. She's the only magical child out of all five of her brothers and sisters---why? Who knows?!

Mary Ross-MacRae
(green eyed and athletic AND SPUNKY!)
After her parents went through a brutal divorce, Mary thanked God she got her Hogwarts letter. Her father, a member of The Muggle Protection Comittee was living in Glasgow among muggles when he fell in love with and married her mother (a muggle). Apon finding out her husband was a wizard and he'd been keeping it from her for so long, Mary's mother divorced her father immediately and insisted her maiden name be put into Mary's name. Mary is in her fifth year at Hogwarts and is a tough capitan and a beater of the Gryffindor Quiddich team.

i'm in ravenclaw!

Kathryn Whitney
(Blue eyes, curly brown hair, shy yet determined)
Kathryn Whitney is a second year transfer student from The Salem School for Advanced Witches and Wizards in the States. Her near perfect grades
earned her a full scholarship to Hogwarts and she jumped at the chance to study at such a well renounced school. However, she is not only
nervous about changing schools, but also changing countries! Her mother, Annette, was absolutely thrilled at this educational opportunity, but her father, Frank, simply hopes that she will be able
to make the cut onto a quidditch team (the proudest day of his life was when Kathryn was named Salem's head Seeker as a first year). Both of Kathryn Parents work in for the United Witches and Wizards Council of the United States of America. Her Father is president in chief, and her
mother is the Secretary of Muggle Relations.

Devina Artemis Fae
(studious,elegant redhead)
The proffessors at Hogwarts have raved about her talent for potions and apon being called "brilliant", Devina (or Devvie from Devonshire as her friends call her) will blush to a rosy pink color that clashes with her red braid. Devina is muggleborn and both of her parents are farmers (but her two older brothers were wizards) so she delights in plants and her knowledge of plants is perhaps what maks her such a brilliant potions student. A fifth year chaser for the Ravenclaw qudditch team, Devina aspires to become a potions medic and treat many maladies.

Leigh Donoghue
(small girl with fluffy hair)
Having tip-top grades in all of her classes, Leigh often forgets to take notice to things besides from school. Emersed in her studies and a lover of books, this fourth year Ravenclaw is lovingly called a "ditz" by fellow Ravenclaws. She may forget where the bathroom is, but she never forgets how to throw a quaffle through a goal! (she's said to be one of the top Chasers in the school)