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OOC: Should I even try? Is anyone going to post in here? I just joined and my sister is going to join. I hope some people participate or it will just be me and my sister and not knowing what is going on.


ok so i'm new here... there's a gimme *L* I was looking to get into some HP RP and came across this community. Was looking through it and it seemed a bit dead but I was hoping that maybe some new life could be breathed into it

sorry all!

whoa, i've been soooo busy with school work all year, i've been neglecting! so i finally have a chance to breath. *breaths* k. i think i did really bad on my potions test today *hangs head* im so nervous. my parents have decided to put tons of pressure on me this year. its like its never enough. its not like they know what im doing anyway, both of them being muggles and all. I really wanted to try out for the Quidditch team this year, but i was too busy! :( theres always next year! sorry, im rambling, how is everyone? i havent had human contact outside of professors and asking people for help in weeks! wasnt the halloween feast great?! halloween was always one of my favourite holidays, even before..you know.. i knew i was a witch and all. whoa, i think i had too many pumpkin pasties after lunch today! i have to go now, fare well!
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Anastacia enters the library to study and read some more of Hogwarts: A history

I sure do love studying and reading, i'd absolutely hate not doing this everyday, must be in my blood, my mum and dad love reading too, can't say the same about studying though, I think i'm the only witch to actually enjoy stuff like that.
Pets: LOL Zeus
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so lost....

*sits down at the ravenclaw table for lunch. Shemic, her owl, brings her a coppy of Salem Which Tales the paper from her home town, and a thick letter from her parents.*

Mom and Dad are writing me so quickly? Who would have thought... *turns to the girl next to her who is reading the Daily Prophet* Excuse me, how do I subscribe to get that paper? I want to be caught up on events here, as well as at home. *motions to the paper infront of her*

And, pardon me for bothering you, I'm quite a bit lost. I have potions level 3 next, and I have no idea where I'm going...

~Kathryn Whitney, Second Year, Ravenclaw
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As Anastacia sits in the library finishing her Potions essay she feels a bit sick, she hurries up to finish her essay to head off to the hospital wing so she can figure out what's wrong before 2:30.

Anastacia: Madam Pompfrey, i'm feeling a tad sick, my stomach is killing me.
Madam Pompfrey: Oh Miss Crump, have you eaten lunch, your stomach could be aching from no food, go eat and then return to me if you're still in pain.
Anastacia: *sigh* Alright Madam.

As Anastacia hurries back to the common room to drop off her things before heading to the great hall she feels dizzy, ignoring it she rushes off to the great hall to have some lunch, she opens the doors and hurries in, sits at the gryffindor table, says hi to her fellow gryffindors and eats her lunch.