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New student

*opens large double doors at front of Hogwarts, draging a small animal carrier with a small black and white striped kitten inside, and an owl cage, followed by the grounds keeper, hauling a large trunk and a black broomstick case. He looks at me and with a thick English accent says: "Give me your things and I will have them taken to your dormatory. Wait here and someone will be along shortly to take you to the headmaster"*

So this is Hogwarts. I must say, this is nothing like what i had imagined! Salem doesn't even come close to looking this elegant!

*looks about waiting for the headmaster or someone to tell her which way to go. Smiles at a group of girls in green robes, and is shocked when they don't return the smile.*

Oh dear. Maybe I should have stayed in the states... I hope there are nice people in my house, or anyone who can explain all of the differences. I don't want to be labled "the freak from the States."
What house am I in? *pulls paper from robe* Ravenclaw. I wonder when quidditch tryouts are, and I wonder if I'm going to be awefully far behind in my classes, and, and, and.... I do hope someone finds me soon....

~Kathryn Whintey, second year transfer student, Ravenclaw
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