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sorry all!

whoa, i've been soooo busy with school work all year, i've been neglecting! so i finally have a chance to breath. *breaths* k. i think i did really bad on my potions test today *hangs head* im so nervous. my parents have decided to put tons of pressure on me this year. its like its never enough. its not like they know what im doing anyway, both of them being muggles and all. I really wanted to try out for the Quidditch team this year, but i was too busy! :( theres always next year! sorry, im rambling, how is everyone? i havent had human contact outside of professors and asking people for help in weeks! wasnt the halloween feast great?! halloween was always one of my favourite holidays, even know.. i knew i was a witch and all. whoa, i think i had too many pumpkin pasties after lunch today! i have to go now, fare well!
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