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so lost....

*sits down at the ravenclaw table for lunch. Shemic, her owl, brings her a coppy of Salem Which Tales the paper from her home town, and a thick letter from her parents.*

Mom and Dad are writing me so quickly? Who would have thought... *turns to the girl next to her who is reading the Daily Prophet* Excuse me, how do I subscribe to get that paper? I want to be caught up on events here, as well as at home. *motions to the paper infront of her*

And, pardon me for bothering you, I'm quite a bit lost. I have potions level 3 next, and I have no idea where I'm going...

~Kathryn Whitney, Second Year, Ravenclaw
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*waves at you from the gryffindor table and smiles*
*waves back*
You're not bothering me! Here ::rips out subscription card from newspaper:: just fill this out and send it with your owl. The Daily Prophet... not extremely interesting, but it's good to keep up with things outside of school. As for potions, its not too far from the Great Hall. I could show you if you like. Potions is my very favourite subject you know!

Devina Artemis Fae, 5th year, Ravenclaw
Thank you so much! And if you could show me it would be wonderful. All the shifting stair cases and such get me so confused!