the slytherin brat (chanceux) wrote in future_hogwarts,
the slytherin brat

As Anastacia sits in the library finishing her Potions essay she feels a bit sick, she hurries up to finish her essay to head off to the hospital wing so she can figure out what's wrong before 2:30.

Anastacia: Madam Pompfrey, i'm feeling a tad sick, my stomach is killing me.
Madam Pompfrey: Oh Miss Crump, have you eaten lunch, your stomach could be aching from no food, go eat and then return to me if you're still in pain.
Anastacia: *sigh* Alright Madam.

As Anastacia hurries back to the common room to drop off her things before heading to the great hall she feels dizzy, ignoring it she rushes off to the great hall to have some lunch, she opens the doors and hurries in, sits at the gryffindor table, says hi to her fellow gryffindors and eats her lunch.
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